Williamson County is the best County in Texas. We admit it might sound biased, but it’s also true. Since January 2017, 37 community members have been sworn in as CASA Wilco Volunteers and we could not be more proud and excited to have them join our CASA family!

At this time, we only conduct Pre-Service Training 3 times annually and each session is capped at 20 Volunteer Candidates. Due to overwhelming community support and interest, we have a waiting list of prospective volunteer candidates for our final training session of 2017! This is a wonderful problem to have and we want to say thank you to everyone for spreading the word about CASA.

Do we have enough Volunteer Candidates to train more frequently? YES.

Here is why we choose not to:

In order to provide the best support for our CASA Volunteers, we strive to ensure that each Advocate Supervisor is assigned to no more than 25 volunteers on active cases at a time. We currently have 3 Advocate Supervisors supporting almost 75 volunteers advocating for 128 Williamson County children. CASA Wilco is appointed as the guardian ad litem to about 45% of the Williamson County children currently in the custody of the State of Texas. Our goal is to serve 100% of those children, but we will need to grow our organizational structure in order to meet that need.

What can you do?

Keep talking about CASA. Tell your friends! Get involved in some of our summer events! Give a gift today! We are working hard at growing in a sustainable way!