As #GivingTuesday approaches, we want to tell you about Michelle’s advocacy.

Last year, CASA Volunteer Michelle worked on behalf of two elementary aged sisters to help advocate for these young girls to return to the care of their parents. As the case began, Michelle spent time visiting the girls at the home they were living in, visiting them at school, talking with their teachers and making sure she had a clear overall understanding of what was happening with them and what their needs were. In working with the girls, she realized the effect being separated from their parents was having on them.

Michelle then asked herself what the girls needed the most.  “Stronger Parents” was the only answer.  Michelle continued her advocacy regarding the sisters and expanded her focus to include their parents.  She continued to make sure the girls had what they needed, but also worked closely with the parents.  She monitored their progress, directed them to learning opportunities and encouraged them to use this situation as an opportunity to better themselves, as well as their relationship with their daughters.  The parents worked as a team with the volunteer and at the end of the case they were each on their way to completing their GED and had made significant strides in being appropriate, safe and loving caregivers for their daughters. Ultimately, Michelle was able to wholeheartedly advocate that is was best for these girls to be back in the home and care of their parents and the case was successfully closed.

CASA Volunteers are a part of the team advocating for children and their unique needs.  Team up with us on #GivingTuesday to help provide CASA Volunteers to the other 56% of Williamson County children without a CASA Volunteer advocating on their behalf.